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No one can keep their home in “Model” condition all the time and they shouldn’t be expected to.  Hopefully with this checklist, Rick and Jim Properties will be able to help you prepare your home for sale and highlight all of its best features.  As experienced Realtors, these are a few important and inexpensive things we have found that make a big difference to most buyers and will save you time and money in the long run. 

Remember:  On average, your home is one of 10 homes that a typical buyer will look at before making a decision to buy.  You want your home to be memorable and stand out from any other.  You will never get a second chance to make a great first impression.

House Exterior:  Paint, fix or wash/clean all windows, railings, steps, screens, eaves, gutters and all exterior doors.  A fresh coat of paint on all exterior doors really makes a big difference.  

Lawns and Yard:  Remove clutter, keep lawn, grass, hedges and all landscaping trimmed.

Garage:  Straighten up and clean out the garage.

Plumbing:  Repair and tighten dripping faucets, leaky toilets and any other plumbing issues.

Heating / Cooling:  Clean exterior unit if applicable, replace or clean all filters and vents.

Interior Clutter:  Remove all unnecessary personal items from the shelves and walls.  Remove all nick knacks and any unnecessary furniture.  You want prospective buyers to look at the home and not the items in it.  You want to create spaciousness so all unneeded items should be packed and stored away to enlarge and open up the rooms in the home, including halls and stairways.

House Keeping:  You may have to show your home to prospective buyers on very short notice. Always keep the home tidy, neat and orderly.  Dust, do the dishes, make the beds and all clothes, toys and other items should be correctly stored.

Kitchen:  Stove, refrigerator, and sink should be spotless and the workspace clear.

Bathrooms:  Keep neat, spotless and fresh – especially the toilet, counter tops, sinks, tubs and shower areas.

Closets / Attic:  All closets and any attic space must be kept tidy and neat. Purchase off site storage if necessary.  Untidy or overcrowded closets and attic space suggests there is inadequate storage space.

Light Fixtures:  Clean all interior and exterior light fixtures and replace all burned out bulbs and faulty switches.

Hardware:  Oil all hinges and tighten loose knobs.

When Showing:  

  • Lock up and store all valuables, drugs, and personal items in a safe place and away from view.
  • Turn on all lights and open drapes during the day to give rooms a bright and airy look.
  • Strong cooking, smoking or animal odors can ruin a sale.  Try to make sure your home always smells fresh for all showings.    
  • Homeowners, children, relatives and pets, can by very distracting and keep buyers from feeling at ease while they look at a home.  If possible, it is best to have all people and pets out of the home during all showings. 

Most Importantly:  Allow Rick and Jim Properties to price your home right the first time based on its “true” value and not what you think the home is worth or what you want to make on the sale.  Pricing a home based on its true worth will get more Realtors excited about showing your home and more Buyers interested in seeing your home.  LIke us of Facebook R and J Properties or contact us as  Rick and Jim Properties so we can help you stage your home and get it listed today!

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